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Julie’s Natural Edibles

We proudly produce Medical and Retail (adult use over the age of 21) premium marijuana edibles, specializing in responsible products that are tasty and effective. All products are produced in a gluten free kitchen, free of refined sugar, pesticides and GMOs. Our all natural products are available only at licensed marijuana centers in Colorado. Sorry, no shipping outside of the state.

Our baked marijuana edibles include: strain specific infused granolas, seed mixes, and more!

Our Delicious Selection

Gluten Free. Strain Specific. Honest Ingredients.

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Seed Mix

Simple Four Ingredients, Sugar Free

Granola Bar

Colorado’s Lifestyle Edible, the Gluten Free Granola Bar.

Nutty Bite

Julie’s glass of wine. Paleo friendly maple candy.

Fresh Granola

Loose granola made with gluten free oats. Great in yogurt!

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Strain Specific Edibles

Julie’s Natural Edibles chooses strain specific cannabis distillate, allowing you to choose an edible which has the specific effects you may need.

Strains between 55%-65% leaning Sativa or Indica are labeled “Chill Time,” indicating a more balanced, relaxing effect.

Strains over 70% Sativa leaning are labeled “High Time,” indicating an intense uplifting and energizing effect.

Strains over 70% Indica leaning are labeled “Bed Time,” indicating an intensely relaxing and potentially tranquilizing effect.

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