Julie Hope Dooley

Mother. Daughter. Wife. Cannabis Professional.

Julie Dooley of Denver is president and co-creator of Julie’s Natural Edibles, formally known as Julie & Kate Baked Goods. She began creating edibles that are as natural as cannabis in 2009.   The product line consists of healthy, refined sugar free, gluten free, and strain specific edibles.

Although research and development is where she has a true passion, Julie now spends much of her time in work groups with the state of Colorado and the industry groups CBA,(Colorado Business Alliance), C4 (Colorado Cannabis Chamber of Commerce) helping to define and develop logical legislation. Encouraging safe use for the public while at the same time being practical for manufacturers who will eventually have to implement the regulations is a priority.  She is also a member of NCIA, MPP and founding member of Woman Grow.

Julie is a happy wife of 22 years and proud mother of three teenagers, all of whom are experts on the subject of cannabis.



Since 2009, Julie and her team have been dedicated to creating strain specific, all natural, and gluten free edibles.

Julie’s Natural Edibles

Founded in 2009 by Yours Truly, Julie Dooley.

Creating a premium edible by pairing the finest ingredients with cannabis is Julie’s mission.  Each edible is hand crafted using strain specific Cannabutter or Canna-Coconut Oil, lab tested to ensure potency, consistency. Designed to deliver a highly effective edible experience.

The kitchen begins with a timeless clarified cannabutter extraction (or coconut oil) that is baked into a gluten free, refined sugar free, and pesticide free, healthy product. Julie now s with legislatures throughout Colorado and nationwide to help define and develop a practical regulatory system for edibles manufactured in the USA.

The company is a member of the national organizations NCIA, MPP and founding member of Woman Grow.