About Us

As a Celiac patient, Julie wanted to create a premium product that gluten-sensitive & adults with Celiac could freely enjoy. Because Julie’s Natural Edibles is dedicated to the highest quality, our baking alchemy begins at our dedicated gluten free bakery…

We hand-pick each strain of high-grade, organic marijuana based on potency and flavor. Our products are strain-based because we are Cannabis Connoisseurs and enjoy the qualities that each strain can offer. We also want to offer patients the dependable therapeutic qualities associated with specific strains.

Julie’s methodical cannabis-infusion process requires clarified, organic butter to impart the creamy baked-in flavor that everyone loves. Clarified butter also helps to avoid impurities and ensures a long shelf-life.

Our strain-specific cannabutter and now cannacoconut oils are lab-tested by industry-recognized CannLabs so that we can accurately label all of our products and pass on important information regarding dosage to bud-tenders and patients.

Our superior cannabutter, paired with premium gluten free ingredients, result in an edible that’s effective, delicious, and healthy. We offer a variety of strains and our menu changes monthly.

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