Very Proud to be a part of this list in High Times Magazine! Colorado cannabis pioneer Julie Dooley created a company specifically focused on gluten-free edibles because she suffers from Celiac disease. “News flash—sugar isn’t good for you. We shouldn’t eat it,” Dooley said. “When you’re eating cannabis as medicine, why would I pair it […]

Cannabis Butter

Just when you thought butter couldn’t get any better, it did. Cannabis butter has become the key ingredient in many of Colorado’s edible products. Because the active components of the cannabis plant, known as cannabinoids, are highly soluble in lipid substances such as common butter, cannabis butter provides delicious and effective means for all sorts […]

Cannabis Edibles

With an increasing number of states joining the fold, legally sanctioned cannabis businesses in places like Colorado have had the privilege of lifting the industry from the black market to unprecedented heights. All types of ancillary enterprises, like cannabis edibles for example, are gaining traction at an alarming rate. Cannabis edibles now come in forms few […]

Gluten Free Edibles for All!

Gluten free edibles aren’t just for those of us with certain dietary restrictions or preferences, they can be for any responsible adult who appreciates simply good ingredients! Everything used in the Julie’s Natural Edibles kitchen doesn’t contain gluten, yet nothing produced there lacks any flavor or effectiveness. If you’re lucky enough to have a wide selection […]

Yoga Healing

While your local gym might offer yoga, the discipline itself is about more than staying fit. Instructors and students worldwide have recognized the benefits of aligning both the body and the mind at once. Yoga isn’t for any one type of person either, part of its inherent beauty is a universal potential to rehabilitate. Yoga […]

Cannabis Butter

The days of pouring black market ‘pot’ into instant brownie mix, and hoping for the best, are behind us. Though cannabis butter was certainly another option before our current era of regulation, its potency wasn’t any easier to measure than the classic brownie bake. Now in a growing number of privileged jurisdictions across America, legally […]

Cannabis Edibles

Modern cannabis edibles come in a staggering number of varieties. From bottled soda and gummy bears to gourmet pastries and coconut oil, Cannabis sativa has worked its way into many of America’s most popular foods and beverages. One benefit of a post-prohibition era (in select states) has been the ability to precisely measure the potency […]

Why Gluten Free Edibles?

Gluten is often misunderstood, so why consider gluten free edibles? The Latin derivation of gluten means “glue”. This is especially accurate in terms of its use as a binding agent in food products. Scientifically speaking, gluten is a compound protein found in wheat, rye, and barley—all of which are fundamental ingredients in a wide variety […]

Edibles Clarified

People love butter. The distinguished dairy cream is still the same cooking staple today that it has been for centuries of smooth, spreadable history. Whether used to form the base of a complex modern dish, or just to give some lonely toast a break, butter has yet to show any sign of stopping its delicious […]

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