Treat Yourself with Ashtanga Yoga

Our hectic modern lives can leave us rushing around from one task to the next, requiring convenient, and quick meals, and often sleep deprivation, all the while, providing yourself no release. It is imperative for those of us who live on-the-go lifestyles to take extra care of our inner-self; one of the best ways to […]

Note on Edibles

For the smoke conscious consumer, here is the perfect alternative…. Eat an edible that is dedicated to the true essence of cannabis and a healthy lifestyle. Ingredients matter and THC is not complimented by sugar. Eat edibles that have a higher healthy fat & protein content in order to fully experience all of the positive […]

Ode to Gluten Free

Gluten is a protein found in Wheat, Rye, Barley and sometimes Oats. For some people (like yours truly, Julie Dooley) we can no longer digest this protein. In fact, my body actually attacks it, as if it were a foreign substance like a virus. On the inside, my intestines were ravaged and could no longer […]

Peaks of Colorado

Mountains are this states focal point. Bringing all of us together, focusing on nature and all that that implies. We are humbled by these great peaks and the views never get old. Whenever we feel low, a peak is not far away to climb. The experience brings knowledge and courage. We recommend you come and […]

Julie’s Natural Edibles, The Brand

Our brand reflects our mission. Provide healthy, effective edibles within the Colorado Cannabis Industry. The sleek font shows our passion for elegant simplicity. The earth tones represent our dedication to all that nature provides and specifically green with the earth tones, to show our respect to cannabis.

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