Cannabis Edibles

Modern cannabis edibles come in a staggering number of varieties. From bottled soda and gummy bears to gourmet pastries and coconut oil, Cannabis sativa has worked its way into many of America’s most popular foods and beverages.

One benefit of a post-prohibition era (in select states) has been the ability to precisely measure the potency and safety of industry products, namely cannabis edibles. In Colorado, recreational storefronts and MMJ dispensaries alike offer infused products ranging anywhere from 10mg to over 300mg per unit so that any responsible consumer can be confident about achieving their desired effect.

Cannabis edibles affect everyone differently which is one reason it’s important to start out small and work up to a comfortable dosage. Consuming edibles provides a much different mechanism for the delivery of cannabinoids to the body than smoked or vaporized methods do. Always snack responsibly!

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