Edibles Clarified

People love butter. The distinguished dairy cream is still the same cooking staple today that it has been for centuries of smooth, spreadable history. Whether used to form the base of a complex modern dish, or just to give some lonely toast a break, butter has yet to show any sign of stopping its delicious ways. Cannabis-infused edibles now present an ideal venue for the expansion of butter’s already stirring reputation.

One drawback of the golden ingots we all know and love arises along with use in higher-heat applications. Butter is a terrible thing to waste, and the smell of it burning is always a harsh reminder. Luckily there’s an answer. A bit of science know-how and a baker willing to go further for their edibles can solve this problem without sacrificing the flavor integrity exclusive to genuine butter.

When the solid milk proteins are removed from a traditional churned variety, the remaining translucent gold liquid still contains the refined flavor of its original form. The feathery-light consistency of this purified version along with its improved tolerance to heat are just a few reasons why when butter is used in the kitchen at Julie’s Natural Edibles, it’s always clarified.

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