Note on Edibles

For the smoke conscious consumer, here is the perfect alternative….
Eat an edible that is dedicated to the true essence of cannabis and a healthy lifestyle.
Ingredients matter and THC is not complimented by sugar. Eat edibles that have a higher healthy fat &
protein content in order to fully experience all of the positive effects of consuming an infused food.
START LOW GO SLOW: State of Colorado Single Serving is 10mg Activated THC.
Everybody is unique, so Julie recommends to begin with 5mg THC.
Increase dosage as you build a tolerance, which is normal and expected for continued use.
TIME YOUR PEAKS: Be patient, edibles take between 60 minutes to 90 minutes for the effects to kick in.
Plan your day, as the duration is variable and effects will be different throughout the experience.
IF YOU OVER INGEST: Drink water or tea, avoid fatty foods, stay calm and be with a trusted friend.
Above all we hope you truly enjoy the experience.

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