Why Gluten Free Edibles?

Gluten is often misunderstood, so why consider gluten free edibles? The Latin derivation of gluten means “glue”. This is especially accurate in terms of its use as a binding agent in food products. Scientifically speaking, gluten is a compound protein found in wheat, rye, and barleyall of which are fundamental ingredients in a wide variety of food products. This raises the question for many: what is the real advantage of a gluten-free diet?

With a special option now available on many restaurant menus, it’s understandable when people form an association between gluten and classically unwanted diet factors (such as LDL cholesterol, high-sodium content, refined sugars, and so on). The truth is gluten-free alternatives are incredibly important, though not in the sense one might assume.

Gluten consumption causes a negative effect only in select individuals. In this sense it could be considered more like an allergen than a toxin. Those with celiac disease absolutely rely on gluten-free products because, even in miniscule amounts, gluten triggers an immune system response resulting in intestinal damage. Consequently, gluten free edibles are a highly valuable option to those with celiac disease who also choose cannabis as medicine.

Some people without celiac disease still experience problems with gluten. This is called (non-celiac) gluten sensitivity. In these cases, gluten causes irritation similar to that an individual with celiac disease feels, though the intestinal lining is not damaged.

While going gluten-free is certainly not harmful to the average individual, it’s not necessarily helpful either. The primary beneficiaries of this diet are those with unique medical conditions. Still, regardless of any dietary needs, gluten free edibles remain a delicious and effective option for all who choose cannabis.


Source: Harvard Health Publications (www.health.harvard.edu)

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